Jennifer LeClair is a birth and postpartum doula in Toronto
Jennifer LeClair is a birth and postpartum doula in Toronto

When I'm not doing birthy things, I enjoy exploring Toronto and finding hidden gems with my daughter. We love biking together and making up stories during walks in High Park.

In my spare time I enjoy hanging out in neighbourhood cafes trying to read a novel, but then getting distracted with people watching.

I like to browse in shops, coming up with gift ideas for others, and for myself.

I love to laugh and sometimes make jokes at inappropriate times. (TIP: Bring your humour to your birth - laughing creates oxytocin.)

I watch re-runs of Friends when I can't sleep. 

When I was pregnant I took an amazing yoga class by a doula. She empowered me so much I joked that I could leave her class and give birth on the street! Now as a doula I teach my clients some of the amazing exercises I learned from her, so you too can find your rhythm, ritual routine and trust in your body. 

Hi, I'm Jen LeClair!

I'm a mama and I live in the west end of Toronto with my partner and our daughter. It was during my own postpartum period I realised I want to support others during their pregnancy and transition into becoming families. I trained with DONA in Vancouver, and became a certified doula with Bebo Mia after we re-located to Toronto. It is so important to me that you feel safe, comfortable and respected while in labour.

Your birth experience can be amazing!

It is just as important that you feel supported and validated during the new baby phase: the Fourth Trimester. I know firsthand how important the presence of a Doula can be. I love to see you feeling empowered and making the best decisions for yourself during labour and after the baby is born. I love helping to connect you with your village.

Since the kind of support I had during pregnancy and birth was what led me to become a doula, I have relied on this experience to guide me. My doula provided so much relief for me in many ways and also became my mentor after my training.  

My goal is that you feel validated, respected and comfort. My commitment is to support your choices and teach you how to make them with evidence based information. My desire is that you feel loved. 

Trained with DONA International and Bebo Mia. I am certified by Bebo Mia and I am a member of the Association of Ontario Doulas. I've taken extensive training in full spectrum services including Fertility Specialist and abortion support. I am trained in High Risk and Complicated Birth Support.