Birth is birth, no matter how it happens.

Birth Doula Care

Your birth experience will shape you and your life in enormous ways. You have the right to make empowered decisions about your pregnancy and birth, without judgement. I will support your decisions by explaining your options, and providing pros and cons for each choice you need to make. While I cannot make those decisions for you, or make others respect them, I can help you find your own voice and be a supportive part of the health care team surrounding you on your birth journey. 

A newborn baby
A newborn baby

Essential Mama Bear Care

One complimentary consult (usually about 45 minutes.)    
Two prenatal visits, maximum 4 hours in total
Text, email and phone support
On-call support 2 weeks before your due date
Labour support, no 12 hour clause 
Acupressure and use of rebozo
Will stay with you up to 2 hours postpartum, assisting with breastfeeding
Postpartum visit in your home 2-3 hours
Back up doula provided in the unlikely case I am unable to be present at your birth
You have access to my book lending library

The birth of a baby with the help of a doula
The birth of a baby with the help of a doula

Premium Mama Bear Support 

with a Lactation Consultant


This package offers the same support as above, but you will also have an in-home session up to three hours with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant who will be available for text and phone support following up for a few weeks.

click below to learn more about feeding support: 

Lactation Clinic

Newborn baby feet
Newborn baby feet

Virtual Mama Bear Doula


In this time of Covid-19, I am offering virtual doula support for you. This includes:

2 prenatal sessions in a Zoom meeting (2 - 2.5 hours each)

On call support via text, email, phone, or Facetime

Facetime, skype, phone and/or text support during labour and after birth

Postpartum support via phone text or email

You will have your own digital copies from our prenatal sessions

Access to reputable resources and other pregnancy programs

 Birth Education


This childbirth and newborn education package is created for those who just want some extra care to gain more empowering information prenatally and postpartum. This package includes:

Minimum of 2 prenatal sessions (2 - 2.5 hours each)

Additional Sessions are $50 per hour

Please leave your details and I'll connect with you as soon as possible.

Description of Birth Doula Care

A pregnant mother with her child
A pregnant mother with her child

Prenatal Sessions

  1. You will learn how to empower yourself during labour using BRAIN technique and other tips I'll share with you.
  2. You will learn how to create a realistic birth plan.
  3. Discuss stages of labour, provide information about interventions.
  4. We will discuss your biggest concerns about labour, birth and life with a newborn.
  5. Talk about your postpartum plan.
  6. Show you some comfort measures I will use in labour, and teach them to your partner (if you have one.)

During Labour

  1. Continual labour support unti 1-2 hours after the birth. I stay with you while hospital shifts switch, and you're meeting various health care providers.
  2. I will cheer you on, keep you focused on your journey, be a rock for you, offer a perspective and options. I will stay calm and objective.
  3. I can suggest relaxation techniques, massage, apply acupressure, hydrotherapy, different positions, and other calming measures for comfort during labour.
  4. I will do my best to keep your birth space protected.
  5. I'll probably (no, definitely!) shed tears of joy and pride when your sweet baby/ies is/are born. 

After Birth

  1. I'll stay with you, offer to snap some pictures of your new family. I'll make sure you are fed and comfortable.
  2. I'll assist where I can with breast/chestfeeding. Using my intuition, I'll sense the right moment to make my exit, giving you quiet time with your new family.
  3. A few days after your birth I will visit with you to see how you're feeling, how your recovery is going, discuss the birth, offer feeding support (if needed), provide some community resources and admire your sweet baby.
  4. We can talk about your postpartum village and how you will go on with your day to day while caring for a baby. 

Jen is a wonderful mentor and has such a friendly nature. I appreciated her love, unending kindness and support. Thanks for being there when I really needed you."

**first time mama**

The Labour Flow Chart

When I arrive to assist your birth, I will bring my doula bag with various tools to support your labour. (by tools, I mean acupressure balls, and my rebozo scarf for example.) The first thing I take out is a clip board with a chart that I update during labour and until I leave the hospital. This does not interfere with my time with you, as I am just making quick notes. 

Such as cervical checks, who did them, your health care provider's names, positions we try, medicine administered. I keep track of music you are listening to, or I'll jot down jokes made. Laughing in labour increases oxytocin, so bring your sense of humour to your birth! When I visit you postpartum I will share the flow chart with you and make sure you have a copy of it.

Why do I keep a flow chart? 

I think it is important 

for you to know what happened each step of the way 

so you realize fully

just how


you were in labour!

Toronto's High Risk Birth Doula

No matter what kind of pregnancy you are having, or what your birth plan is; no matter the complications you may be experiencing or what your health care providers may be saying to you, you deserve a Doula who is confident and supportive. You need a person who can help you understand what is happening during a time you when you may not feel supported. We will look at all the options together and I'll answer all your questions while discussing pros and cons for each option.  I'm going to work with you and your health care team so you understand and feel comforted in the process.

Jen LeClair providing doula services to a new mother
Jen LeClair providing doula services to a new mother

As the Doula for your high risk birth, we will go over what to expect with any meetings you may have with medical staff such as the Chief Obstetrics of hospitals. If your delivery is in Toronto, but live out of town, we will talk about how this will affect your labour and what sort of options you may have if induction is planned.  

I offer nurturing, supportive, and empathetic and resource-sharing assistance to enhance your feelings of agency leading up to and during labour and birth.  Whatever choices you make, I will support them. 

And one final important detail about being your High Risk Birth Doula:

I work for you, not the hospital. 

I've got you.


Types of births I have assisted:

  • Families conceiving with Assistied Reproductive Technology and In Vitro Fertilization

  • High risk - cervical cerclage, placenta previa or on bed rest

  • Induced and high medical technology labor & birth

  • Precipitous birth (baby born within less than 3 hours of regular contractions)

  • LGBTQ2S Families

  • Has other health issues (autoimmune illness for example.)

  • Over 40

  • Plus size mothers

  • Perinatal and Postpartum mood disorders

  • Previous birth trauma, miscarriage and/or birth injury

  • Remote and rural clients birthing away from home

  • Single parents

  • Survivors of Previous Life Trauma

  • Survivors of childhood sexual abuse

  • Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)

  • Families of Color

Want to have an empowered birth? Send me a message today! 

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