Let's Doula this Together

Doula Mentor Program with  Jen

Whether you are a newly graduated doula, or considering becoming a doula, you may have lots of questions. 

Is this the right career path for me? How do I get clients now? Will I be successful as a doula? 

I'm here for you to work through all these uncertainties while you embark on this new path. 

Why Do I Need a Personal Mentor?

I remember the overwhelm of being a new doula!
After more than 5 years as an experienced and professional doula who has worked alongside other doulas and birth professionals, this is what I can offer you with my mentor-ship programs:

- Guidance & support when you experience imposter syndrome - we've all been there!

- How to be a revered as a professional doula

- Confidence-building

- Business strategies

- Problem solving

- Networking and community building

- Feeling comfortable in the hospital setting as a birth worker with nurses and OB's 

- Working alongside Midwives 

Mentorship & Coaching Programs 

Start with a complimentary virtual meeting & we'll chat about what you hope to achieve as a doula 


One Hour Info Session 

Let's chat about types of doula training organizations.

Share ideas for starting out.

What are the biggest challenges you may face as a doula?

Recommended reading and other resources.


*One-on-one Doula Coaching for One Month

Text/phone/email support 

Client consults

Share contracts and documents for your clients

Network coaching

What to cover in your consults and how to sell yourself.

Starting at $125

*Client Shadowing: Pregnancy to Postpartum 

Text/phone/email support

Guidance with clients

Share of contracts and documents for your clients

Network coaching

Work with you during client prenatal sessions

*Requirement: Must be over the age of 18 for this package. You must have completed a doula training program and provide proof of doula liability insurance.

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