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 I am a birth doula, fertility coach and postpartum doula in Toronto. My passion is working with you to help you feel empowered on your journey to becoming a family. 

Jen LeClair, Toronto Doula
Jen LeClair, Toronto Doula

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Mount Sinai, Supporting a mother after her birth
Mount Sinai, Supporting a mother after her birth

Jen was just what we needed to get through an un-medicated hospital birth. She set up the tone of the room, worked beautifully with the staff and maintained a safe space for our epic process. She offered up ideas for shifting the experience at the right moments to keep me moving forward - walking, shower, hand fan. Her presence helped my partner with the nerves, and her review of the birth reminded us how it was beautiful, meaningful, and unique. LOVE!" Gloria L.

"Okay, but why do I need a Doula?"

Great question! Oftentimes people wonder why they would need a doula if they already have an obstetrician or a midwife. Or maybe you are giving birth at a hospital, and think you won't need a doula. Your mother might come, and your sister has also offered to be at your birth with you.

If you are under the care of an obstetrician or midwife, I will often get to you before they can, providing physical and informational support. I am able to see what is happening and will have ideas of what you might need to get things moving along, or help you feel more comfort. My training has provided me with the tools to see where you are in the birth process. While I cannot make medical decisions for you, I can help you remain calm in these situations that you have never been in before. It might sound amazing to have your mother or friend or sister there with you, but you need someone who is not as emotionally connected. Someone who is present with you and your partner (if you have a partner), working together and towards the same goal, but who can be in the moment objectively. You will learn how to advocate for yourself while making informed choices in your birth space.

Jen LeClair with a new baby
Jen LeClair with a new baby

Jen's support was vital for both my birthing and postpartum experiences. No amount of reading or prenatal classes could have prepared me for the coming of parenthood. I am grateful for her help in transitioning me into maternity and beyond. It is clear that Jen is passionate about her doula care, and eager to fill the gaps in the insufficient support systems available for women, like me, who lack the resources and network to aid them in maternity.

Jen was an advocate in articulating my wishes to healthcare professionals at the hospital. Following my postpartum period, I faced challenges including nursing issues. She was proactive in providing guidance, teaching techniques and connecting me to the right professionals. Jen is a present doula - she not only has strong listening skills she also attended appointments with me. Overall, her advice, relevant information, emotional support and advocacy contributed my healing and well-being. "

New Mama,  Akofa J. 

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